Why do all lawyers wear black coats and doctors wear white coats, the real reason is also very interesting

Every profession in our society has its own dress code, which not only identifies that profession but also reflects its values ​​and ideals. There are deep meanings and traditions inherent in the attire of doctors and lawyers in particular, which we will understand in detail further.

lawyers black coat

The tradition of lawyers wearing black coats in the courtroom started in England. It was also adopted in the Indian Judicial System, which is based on the English system. This tradition began in England in 1865 after the death of King Charles II. This dress code reflects discipline and respect for justice among lawyers.

doctors white coat

The tradition of doctors wearing white coats reveals their purity, peace and honesty. This color provides comfort and peace to the patients. Apart from this, white color reflects dirt easily, due to which hygiene can be taken care of. This dress code has big pockets, in which doctors can keep necessary medical instruments.

Cleanliness and professional image

This dress code of doctors and lawyers not only strengthens their professional image but also shows their commitment towards cleanliness and professional services. It defines their role and responsibilities at their workplace.

The deep meanings and traditions inherent in the dress code of doctors and lawyers help us understand the dignity and importance of their profession. These dress codes not only reflect their professional identity but also dignify their role and contribution to the society.

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