Why does the problem of mobile hanging occur and how to solve this problem, know…..

If you too are troubled due to the phone hanging while using a smartphone, then it is common to get angry. We all have become dependent on smartphones, be it bill payment or ticket booking, every small task is done through mobile, but just imagine that if the phone starts causing problems while working, then you will definitely get angry.

Let us know. First of all, let us know why mobile hangs. There can be not just one but many reasons behind the phone hanging. The problem of hanging in the phone occurs due to memory full, old software or hardware problem.

Memory being full: The most common reason for mobile hanging can be the phone’s memory being full. Due to less storage in the phone, there is difficulty in running apps and processing data.

Problem in apps: Some mobile apps are poorly coded or the phone hangs due to bugs in some apps. Note that, if you have recently installed a new app in your mobile, after which the phone has started hanging, then remove that app from the phone.

Problem in software update: Sometimes it happens that a bug comes in the software update due to which the phone starts hanging. If you have recently updated the phone then this can also be a reason.

Problem in Hardware: Many times the problem is not in the software but in the hardware, hardware is any physical part used in the phone. Even if there is a problem in any part of the phone, the phone may hang.

Cache files: Whenever we open any app, the phone starts creating cache files, with time the cache files increase and there comes a time when if there is less space in the phone, the phone starts hanging. How to get rid of the problem

Clear the cache files: Go to the mobile settings, go to the applications, then click on the name of the app for which you want to clear the cache files. After this you have to tap on storage, here you will get the option to delete cache files.

Update the apps: Many times, after a bug in the phone, developers roll out a new update for the app, in such a situation, if the app has been updated by going to Play Store or App Store, then update the app. Factory reset: mentioned above. If any method is not working then you can factory reset the phone.

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