You will enjoy when you have Tata Nexon, all the fun of SUV at half the price

Tata Nexon: India is still behind China and America in terms of cars. The world’s third largest number of cars are sold in India. However, this figure is still quite low. The main reason behind this is the price of cars here.

In India, cars are very expensive and income is low. This is the reason why people are not able to buy cars here. People do not trust old cars. However, there is a large population in America whose first car is a second hand car. This shows that he is very fond of cars and knows how to keep and sell cars in good condition.

Cheap cars are available here

There are many such platforms in India also. Where old cars are sold at very low prices. Their condition is also very good. On these platforms you will also find the country’s best selling SUV Tata Nexon.

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Hero Splendor Plus, reliable companion, affordable price, great mileage in just Rs 30,000!

The look and driving experience of Nexo makes it better than other cars. Good features and mileage are also seen in it. Now if you go to buy it from the showroom, you will get it for at least Rs 10 lakh. Whereas if you buy it from second hand market then its price here is Rs 4 to 5 lakh.

Good price of Tata Nexon on Cardekho

On Cardekho, the 2018 model Tata Nexon is being sold for Rs 3.78 lakh. This price is not much because this Nexon (Tata Nexon) has covered around 80 thousand kilometers. If you still want to buy a good SUV then you can choose this old Nex. This blue colored SUV looks very beautiful.

Carwale and OLX are also not behind

Very good offers are available on tax also. Here 2019 model Nexons are being sold for ₹4 lakh. Its condition is also said to be quite good. The owner hasn’t driven it much. You can get complete details of the SUV by visiting the site. Currently Tata Nexon gets a mileage of 17 to 20 kilometers per litre.

A good range of Tata Nexon is also available on OLX. Here 2018 model Nexon is being sold for Rs 3.56 lakh. This SUV has been around a lot. However, according to the information given on the site, it is still in very good condition.

Disclaimer: The information given here is available on these sites. Timesbull does not promote second hand cars.

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