A man arrested for cheating more than 300 people of Rs 21 crore by promising them jobs in Railways

Mumbai . A man who cheated more than 300 people of about Rs 21 crore by promising them jobs in Railways, has been booked by Western Railway Vigilance. Department (Western Railway Vigilance Department) arrested. Following a tip-off, vigilance officials conducted surveillance and detected the fraud that had been going on for more than three months. The officers provided this information.

Western Railway chief spokesperson Sumit Thakur said the vigilance team laid a trap to nab the suspect with the help of an outsider and two ‘proxy candidates’ seeking railway jobs. As part of the trap of calling him at Mumbai Central station to collect the remaining amount, Rs 20,000 was also credited to the accused’s account as part payment through Google Pay.

He was caught when he came to the designated place at 2 pm on Friday afternoon to collect the remaining amount for a work. WR Vigilance investigation revealed that the accused had allegedly collected Rs 9-10 lakh per candidate. He used to make fake documents with the help of a Kolkata based associate.

Thakur said that 180 blocked numbers were found on the accused’s smartphone, which probably belonged to the victims, who had paid him huge amount to get a job in the Railways. The investigation also revealed around 120 chats of duped victims, in which they were demanding their money back, amounting to Rs 5-8 lakh, which was paid to them for jobs.

All fake documents, chats and videos of the recruited employees have been recovered and the matter is being investigated. Thakur said, the accused was handed over to the Government Railway Police in Mumbai Central and a case was registered under various sections of the IPC.


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