Apply tattoo mehndi design on hands, everyone will praise after seeing it –

Women are always ready to apply mehendi. Whatever be the occasion, they like to apply different designs of mehendi on their hands. For this, many girls go to the internet and search for designs so that when the mehndi is applied on their hands and the color comes after applying it, everyone will praise it after seeing its design. In such a situation, you should try tattoo mehndi design. Nowadays, like minimalist mehndi design, this is also quite in trend. That’s why girls prefer getting tattoos rather than getting them done.

If you like to create a design only on the finger, then for this you can create the ring with a leaf design. The designs of this method are quite simple and can be made in less time. For this, first of all you have to create a leaf design on the wrist. after this

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To make a reverse ring design on the finger. If you want, you can create a triangle style design. After this, this design has to be repeated further and a leaf has to be made. In this way your tattoo mehndi will be ready.

If you like a simple design, then create any flower near the wrist like lotus, rose, sunflower or whatever you like (floral mehndi design). If you thicken its outline a little then this will emerge.

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It will come and look like a tattoo. It just takes you 5 minutes to make it. But this will look exactly like a tattoo. This will also reduce your expenses.


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