List of powerful countries of the world released, know where is India’s number…

The list of powerful countries of the world has been released. America remains at the first position in the list. The special thing is that now UAE has also entered it. China is at second position, Russia is at third, Germany is at fourth and UK is at fifth. Every year the US Power Ranking of powerful countries is released. The surprising thing is that UAE has entered the top-10 for the first time right at the 10th position. South Korea is at sixth position in the list, France is at seventh, Japan is at eighth, Saudi Arabia is at ninth and UAE is at tenth position. Know how the list of the world’s most powerful countries is prepared and at what position India and Pakistan stand? What is the condition of India and Pakistan? 87 countries have been included in the US power ranking. India has been placed at 12th position due to its increasing status and military power across the world.

Pakistan has not been included in this list. Pakistan is the only country in the world which has failed to make a place in the list. There is also a reason for this. How is a country decided as powerful? 87 Some things are considered to include the name of any country in the list of powerful countries. Like how far that country is progressing in terms of business. How is the economy and how well the people there are living.

In these three cases, the countries which are ahead get a place in the list. In this way, those countries were included which made their place in GDP in the World Bank data from 2017 to 2021. Which became the choice of foreign investors and tourists and became a part of the Human Development Index. The countries which could not prove themselves on these four parameters were not given a place in the list. On what basis is the list prepared? But the question is, how is it decided which country is powerful? Actually, many factors are taken into consideration to make the list of powerful countries. Different percentages have been given to different factors, on the basis of which the rank is prepared. Like- Entrepreneurship (14.13%), Quality of Life (14.12%), Agility (14.02%), Social Purpose (12.83%) , Movers (11.54%), Open for Business (9.43%), Adventure (5.37%), Power (5.00%) and Heritage (3.13%).

In this way, while preparing the ranking of countries, it is seen how educated the population there is. How is the market there? What is the equality in income of men and women? What kind of environment is it to work in? How much human rights are protected there. How is the education and health system? How skilled are the people? What a better environment to do business. How good is the infrastructure. What a safe country. What a historically rich heritage it has. How low the cost of manufacturing the products. The food there is so delicious. How pleasant the weather is. How far away from corruption…

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