Couple made a unique wedding card to send invitations to their wedding guests, everyone was surprised to see the design

Getting married is a moment that every person wants to remember throughout their life. To make the wedding memorable, the bride and groom pay attention to every little thing. Special attention is given to dress, food, decoration and program. However, some people do not give much importance to wedding cards and choose the most beautiful one from the existing designs. But some people make it special too, that is why many people get married just after seeing the card. This wedding card is spreading on social media. Why is this wedding card so popular?

Why is the wedding card going viral?

By today you must have received many wedding cards in the form of invitations. Some cards will be beautiful, while others will be simple. But have you ever found out the status of the bride and groom just by looking at a card? Well, one feature of the wedding card going viral on social media is that you can know the profession of both of them just by looking at it. That’s why this wedding card is becoming very viral. Half of the wedding card has the design of a military uniform, while the other half has a doctor’s coat. Both their names are also with it.

People made funny comments?

This post has been shared on social media platform X (earlier Twitter) named @Shaiibi0. This is the cutest sample of marriage, it is said in the caption accompanying the article. Till the time of writing the news, more than 6 lakh 36 thousand people have seen the post. After seeing the card, a user said that my side will be empty. The third user said that there will be a thumb impression on my side. Another user wrote that these two people are getting married or are working together.

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