Earning bet! Shares of this EV company will go to ₹112, see details

New Delhi:Servotech Power Systems Ltd Share.Electric vehicles are being promoted rapidly in the country and the world. So India is also not behind in the matter of electric sector. Many such schemes are being run by the Central Government. In which the electric vehicle sector is getting attention, Modi government has made a big announcement for the EV sector in Budget 2024, due to which the shares of companies working in the EV sector have risen rapidly.

There was even an upper circuit of 5% in the shares of this company, here we are talking about the shares of Servotech Power Systems Ltd. The shares of this company are continuously seeing a rise. On the last trading day i.e. on Friday, February 2, 2024, the company’s stock hit an upper circuit of 5 percent and on the previous budget day also, the stock hit an upper circuit of 5 percent. At present the company’s shares have reached Rs 99.85 with 52 week high.

Experts associated with the stock market say that due to the new budget proposals under the ecosystem of electric vehicles, this stock is seeing a rise. So in the same EV sector, Servotech Power Systems Limited is one of the limited listed companies which works in the EV sector, such investors are betting heavily by buying shares of this company in terms of earnings.

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The special thing for the people investing money in the share market is that recently the company Servotech Power Systems has informed about the new order from Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. The company said that it has received an order worth Rs 120 crore from BPCL for 1800 DC fast EV chargers, which includes work like servotech manufacturing, supply and installation.

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