Elections in Pakistan: What is the age limit for people to vote in Pakistan? – News India Live

The minimum age to vote in India is 18 years, that is, an 18 year old person is eligible to vote in India, but do you know what is the voting age in Pakistan? If not then let us know.

At what age do youth cast their first vote in Pakistan?

Elections are going to be held in Pakistan on 8 February. Due to which everyone’s eyes are fixed on Pakistan. It remains to be seen who will win in Pakistan this time through ballot paper voting. Apart from all this, today we know what is the right age to vote in Pakistan and at what age people can vote.

Let us tell you that like India, youth in Pakistan also become eligible to vote when they turn 18 years of age. However, some time ago this age was increased to 21 years, which was later changed to 18 years.

This time the importance of youth is being emphasized in Pakistan, whose population has now increased from 46 million to 56 million.

If we look at the total number of voters in Pakistan, it is approximately 12.8 crores. In which 44.22 percent are youth voters.

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