Fitness icon Anil Kadasur dies of heart attack at the age of 45, cycled 100 km daily – News India Live

New Delhi: Fitness icon and famous Bengaluru cyclist Anil Kadasur has passed away due to a heart attack. 45 year old Kadasur had made a record of cycling 100 kilometers every day for 42 consecutive months. His achievement so inspired the cycling community that many cyclists lined up to meet him.

On January 31, Anil Kadasur happily announced on social media that he had achieved his goal of cycling 100 kilometers every day for 42 consecutive months. The same night, he was taken to the hospital after his health suddenly deteriorated. Unfortunately, he died the next morning.

With over a decade of experience in cycling, Kadasur has traveled over 2.25 lakh kilometres, inspiring any cyclist. Shaking hands with him was like taking a new energy and positivity for many people.

Kadasur was one of the early lifestyle cyclists in Bengaluru, encouraging new cyclists. His gentle nature was his specialty. He used to encourage and give advice to new cyclists. He inspired countless people through his direct contact or activity application. People close to him called him ‘Dronacharya’ of ‘Eklavya’. Kadsur had six fixie bicycles, which he rode one after the other. He made fixie (fixed gear bicycle) famous in every household with his riding.

Hobby of cycling 100 km daily
He was fond of cycling 100 km daily. It started in August 2022, when a cycling club set a challenge to cycle 100 kilometers in 10 consecutive days that month. Many cyclists do this to earn medals given by the club, but Kadasur did not stop and continued cycling 100 kilometers every day.

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