Historic achievement of FIFA Museum, record 273,000 tourists visited in the year 2023 – News India Live

Geneva, February 2 (HS). The FIFA Museum, home of international football history and culture, reached a new milestone by welcoming 273,000 tourists in 2023, the highest number since its inauguration in Zurich eight years ago.

The museum announced Thursday that more than 350,000 online visitors viewed the museum’s digital exhibitions, while six million fans around the world engaged with the museum’s cultural and educational content during the year.

Managing Director Marco Fazzone said in an official statement released by the museum, “We are delighted to connect with a huge community of football and culture lovers in person and through our digital platforms. “The year 2023 was a huge success in fulfilling the FIFA Museum’s mission and responsibility of sharing the magic of football with the world.”

The museum’s diverse program begins in February 2023 with the guest exhibition “Paolo Rossi, un Ragazzo d’Oro” in collaboration with the Paolo Rossi Foundation, offering an intimate portrayal of the life and illustrious career of the Italian football legend.

The special exhibition “211 Cultures, One Game”, which explored the unique football cultures of each of FIFA’s 211 member associations, concluded in August. This was followed by “Designing the Beautiful Game” in collaboration with the prestigious The Design Museum in London, offering visitors a fresh and inspiring perspective that examines the relationship between football and design throughout history and explains That’s how the game has evolved.

The museum also embraced the digital sphere with the launch of its first virtual reality experience. Using state-of-the-art technology, this experience transports visitors to the historic atmosphere of the Estadio Centenario during the inaugural FIFA World Cup in 1930 and takes them on the iconic journey of the SS Conte Verde, which carried then FIFA President Jules Rimet and Europe and Brazilian teams were brought to Uruguay for the tournament.

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