Inspirational stories of cancer survivors

If you look at his story, till the age of 21 he was completely normal without any problem, he was studying for his degree, he was having stomach pain, when he went to the doctor he found out that It was a tumor and within three days he started having stomach pain. The right kidney will be surgically removed. The name of this cancer is Wilms tumor. The surprising thing is that this cancer occurs in children, but they got it and even the doctors are surprised about it.

He is now cancer free and living happily, writing that anyone who needs courage will tell them my story.

Her name is Vanessa and at first she was hesitant to talk openly about her cancer, not wanting to share her life with anyone else. But when he got cancer for the second time, he was listening to the stories of cancer survivors. This gave him courage and from there he is working to give courage to others by telling his story.

He does not have cancer but has changed his lifestyle to avoid cancer. They
Shared two pictures and in the second picture she shared the joy of having a baby inside my tummy and told a very inspiring story. Because they lose their parents to cancer. But he decided that he will not make my children orphan and changes his lifestyle, does exercise, exercise is also helpful in preventing cancer, he has a confident smile on his face.

Dr. Poonam Patil at Manipal Hospital (Old Airport Road) spoke about cervical cancer and said that HPV vaccine should be given to girls aged 9-14 years to prevent cervical cancer.

If you watch the story of this mother, you will know that she got cancer in 2029, but she does not want to leave such small children, she decides to conquer death, she conquers death.

Thus, we have thousands of people who have overcome cancer, so when they find out that they have cancer, the family should work to give them courage, if they fight with determination, then such Cancer can also be defeated.

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