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The friendship between Israel and India is not hidden from anyone. Both the countries keep expressing their unity from time to time. Meanwhile, Israel has released the list of countries which have the most positive view towards India. The first country in this list is Israel. Israel shared a list from Pew Research Center on social media platform X. It is also written, Israel is the country which looks at India in the most positive light. We love our Indian friends. It is noteworthy that Israel tops the list with 71 percent ranking. After this is Britain with 66 percent. Kenya is third with 64 percent, Nigeria fourth with 60 percent and fifth with 58 percent. The name is Korea. After this, Japan is 55 percent, Australia is 52 percent and Italy is 52 percent.

The survey was conducted last year

Pew Research Center conducted a survey last year on India’s influence globally. It has been asked whether India’s influence has increased in other countries of the world? In response, it was found that about 68 percent Indians believe this. At the same time, about 80 percent Indians expressed confidence in PM Modi. Whereas 37 percent of adults from other countries compared their names. Let us tell you that 30,861 adults from 24 countries including India were included in the survey conducted by Pew Research Center. This survey was conducted between 20 February and 22 May. It also said that people around the world generally have a positive opinion about India. On average, 46 percent expressed a favorable view of India, while 34 percent expressed an unfavorable view. Also, there were 16 percent people who did not express any vote.

trust the Israelis most

The report also says that the people of Israel have the most trust in India. 71 percent people there have the most faith in India.

The survey is based on 30,861 adults

Notably, this is one of the findings of a major study conducted by the Pew Research Center on India’s global impact. The survey is based on responses from 30,861 adults from 24 countries, including India. It examined the global views of Prime Minister Modi, India’s areas of global power, and Indians’ views of other countries. It also includes the results of various surveys conducted by Pew. It is said that the foreign policy of Modi government has created a positive image of India at every level.

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