Know such rules of Vaastu which bring happiness and good fortune in the house…

Every person wants that there should always be happiness and prosperity in his house and every member of the family should live a happy life. If you also want happiness in your home, then there are some rules mentioned in Vastu which if adopted, bring happiness and good fortune in the house.

Salute the Sun every day. The lord of the east direction is the Sun. Sun is considered the planet that bestows wealth, prosperity, health and fame. The rays received from the sun in the morning are filled with energy with infinite qualities, that is why the east direction is given utmost importance in Vastu science, because the main gate of positive energy received from the sun is the east direction. According to Suryopanishad, all the gods, Gandharvas and sages reside in the rays of the sun. No one’s welfare is possible without worshiping the Sun. Even if they are gods who attain immortality. By offering arghya to Surya Narayan in the morning and offering namaskar to him, one gets longevity, health, wealth, good children, friends, brightness, radiance, knowledge, glory and good fortune etc. Vastu defects of the house are removed.

Clean regularly: Many times, due to the house not being cleaned properly, dust and cobwebs get accumulated at many places, due to which harmful germs grow. The walls should be cleaned from time to time, otherwise dirty walls filled with dust spread negative energy. Be careful that there are no spider webs in the corners, they give rise to a stressful and depressing atmosphere. Spitting on the walls or making stains in any way are indicators of poverty, do not do this at all.

Trees and plants for health: According to Vastu, planting plants in the house not only removes the Vaastu defects of the house but these plants also purify the air and increase the amount of oxygen, which will keep the health of the family members good. Seeing lush green plants gives peace to the mind, relieves stress and makes one feel happy. Keep in mind that dry, thorny and bonsai plants are indicators of disappointment, do not plant them in the house.

Bhajan-Kirtan is auspicious in the auspicious house. Do bhajan-kirtan for some time every morning or sing bhajans in a melodious voice while worshiping, ringing bells etc., this will eliminate negative energy from the house. There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the house. The sound of conch is also considered best for this work. After the puja, sprinkling conch water in the house removes Vaastu defects from the house and God’s blessings remain.

Lighting a lamp made of cow’s ghee every day in the house also removes negative energy from the house. Keep camphor tablets to remove Vaastu defects and negative energy in the house or establishment. By doing this the negative energy there will be removed and financial gain will also increase.

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