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evil eye or effect of evil eye , Accidental injury, loss of something, illness, there are many things that we cannot understand. Then we say that it is the effect of evil eye. Today Pandit Munna Bajpayee Ram ji is telling some remedies to avoid this evil eye.

anyone’s eyesight can deteriorate

It is not that the evil eye affects only a particular person. It can be a house, shop or goods. This is why to avoid this, people put God’s picture in the car. Battu also looks after the houses and takes various measures at the shop also. Therefore, never let any problem come suddenly and bother you. You can also take some measures for this. These measures are also important because as soon as the evil eye falls on you, your self-confidence starts weakening. And you move towards negativity.

Here are some ways to avoid being noticed

1. If a person is suffering from evil eye, then take water in a copper pot and put fresh flowers in it, after that pour that water over the person 11 times and keep it under a tree or in a vessel.

2. Regular chanting of Hanuman Chalisa or Bajrang Baan also protects from evil eyes.

3. To protect the house from the evil eye, putting a picture of a peacock on the main door removes negative energy and evil.

4. Applying Ashoka leaves on the main door of the house on Friday prevents bad luck.

5. It is also said that if a small child is affected by the evil eye and is not drinking milk, then the evil eye can be cured by pouring milk from his head three times and feeding it to a dog.

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