Make Paneer Pakoda from Moong Dal, the taste will be such that you will keep licking your fingers!

You must have made and eaten Paneer Pakodas many times. But this time give Paneer Pakoda not only tasty but also a healthy twist. After eating this you will stop making normal paneer pakodas. Moong dal and paneer pakodas are very tasty. This is a perfect breakfast to have with evening tea. Learn how to make it.

Ingredients for making Moong Dal Paneer Pakodas

– One cup moong dal (without peel)

– One cup moong dal (with peel)

– 100 grams cheese

– 4-5 cloves of garlic

-one inch piece of ginger

– two green chillies

– Green fenugreek seeds finely chopped

– finely chopped spinach

– Green onion finely chopped

– one grated carrot

– grated potatoes

– spicy

– coriander powder

– Fennel

– two spoons of oil

– two spoons parsley

– Salt as per taste

How to make Moong Dal Paneer Pakora

Take green moong dal and plain moong dal in equal quantity and soak them. After soaking for about 4-5 hours, wash and clean it thoroughly. Then put this dal in a mixing bowl, add green chillies, garlic cloves and a piece of ginger and grind it. – Now take out this paste in a bowl and mix the vegetables. Finely chop green fenugreek, finely chop spinach and mix it with vegetables. Apart from this, also add grated potato and carrot in it. Grind green onion and mix it. – Now mix all the spices together. -Mix coriander powder, chilli powder, carom and fennel powder. Add salt as per taste. – Add two spoons of hot oil in the batter and mix well. – Now take pieces of paneer and sprinkle chaat masala in it. After keeping it for about half an hour, put these pieces in the batter, wrap them well in moong flour and deep fry them in hot oil on low flame. So that all the pakodas get cooked and become crunchy from inside. Your Moong Dal Paneer Pakoda is ready. Serve with hot tea, green chutney or sauce.

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