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The death of Bollywood actress and model Poonam Pandey due to cervical cancer was announced by her team on 2 February. His manager shared a detailed Instagram post in this regard. There was no response from his family. So overall the mystery of Poonam’s death was increasing. In a dramatic situation of 24 hours, it has come to light that Poonam Pandey is alive.

Poonam Pandey herself has given this information by sharing an Instagram post. He told through the video, ‘I am alive, I have not died of cancer.’ He has also apologized to everyone.

‘I am alive…luckily I did not die of cervical cancer. But, today thousands of women in the country are struggling with this problem. Many women have lost their lives due to this disease. There is not enough awareness among women about how to deal with this serious disease. but you know? Cervical cancer is completely curable. For this you will have to complete health checkup and HPV vaccination on time. Let us all together create awareness about this disease. You must visit my website. Poonam Pandey has said in her video that this news has been spread not for money but for public awareness.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of anger against Poonam Pandey on social media for sharing false information about her death. Netizens are trolling him by commenting on his post. Many artists from the entertainment world have also expressed their displeasure over the incident by commenting on Poonam’s post.

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