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The District Court of Varanasi on Wednesday gave the right to worship in the basement of Vyasji in the Gyanvapi complex, on which the Muslim side expressed displeasure. Now the reaction of Muslim Personal Law Board has also come forward and it has criticized the decision by raising questions on the decision of the court itself.

Questions raised on the court’s decision

Saifullah Rahmani of Muslim Personal Law Board, while talking to the media, said that our court is running in such a way that people are losing confidence in it. Many legal experts also believe so. He said, ‘The incident that happened yesterday is disappointing. There is a mosque. This decision has shocked 20 crore Muslims and all justice-loving citizens. The condition of Muslims is miserable. This decision is a blow to all Hindus and Sikhs who believe that they are the cradle of the religion.

He said, ‘We should understand the historical truth of the date. The British came to this country and adopted the policy of divide and rule. In 1857 he observed that both the worshipers and the worshiped were united for the country. After this, he worked to create a rift between the two communities.

We were not given a chance

Saifullah Rahmani further said, ‘If Muslims had thought of forcibly occupying others’ places of worship, would there have been so many temples? The haste with which the court took its decision and allowed the puja, did not give the opposition a chance to present its side. Due to this, trust in the courts that provide justice has diminished. In the Babri Masjid decision, the court accepted that there was no temple under the mosque but considering the faith of a section, the court ruled in its favor.

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