Sleeper and roadways bus collided in Hardoi, conductor died

A roadways bus of Hardoi depot and a private sleeper bus collided head-on near Gopalpur petrol pump on Shahabad road in Pali. Both the buses were destroyed in the accident. The operator of the sleeper bus died on the spot. The drivers of both the buses were seriously injured. The passengers also suffered injuries. Due to the accident, traffic on Pali-Shahabad road came to a standstill for about 30 minutes.

Dhawar, at around 7.30 in the morning, the roadways bus of Hardoi depot was going from Pali town. The private sleeper bus was going to Harpalpur via Pali via Shahabad. Due to fog in the morning, there was a head-on collision between the two buses. The roadways bus was being driven by Rajeev Mishra (45), a resident of Bhagwantpur in the town, while Sandeep Gihar of the town is the conductor.

There were about 6-7 passengers on the roadways bus. Tauheed (35), resident of Magalganj, Lakhimpur Kheri, was driving the sleeper after taking a ride from Delhi and Saif (22), resident of Bulandshahr, was the conductor. There were 15-20 passengers on the bus. In the accident that took place near Gopalpur on Pali-Shahabad road, the right side part of both the buses was damaged. There was screaming among the passengers.

The drivers of both the buses were seriously injured in the accident. Saif, the operator of the sleeper bus, died on the spot. The police sent the injured to the hospital. CO City Ankit Mishra inquired about the condition of the injured at Swayajpur Health Center and also took information from the brother of the deceased. In-charge Inspector AK Rai said that action will be taken after receiving the complaint.

Villagers cut the bus and pulled out the driver
In the collision between a roadways bus and a sleeper bus, the driver of the roadways bus, Rajeev Mishra, got stuck on his seat in the bus. The steering of the roadways bus was also uprooted. The villagers cut the bus and took the driver out after about 20 minutes. The same situation happened with the driver of the private bus also.

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