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Smartphones have become an important part of our lifestyle nowadays. Be it girlfriend’s call, boyfriend’s call or any payment, almost everything is possible through smartphone. What should be done if someone has hacked your smartphone and is listening to your secret calls? Today we will tell you about a special technique by which users can easily check whether their smartphone has been hacked or not.

A green dot will appear on the phone screen:

There are many features in smartphones through which users can check hacking. When we use the phone’s mic, a green dot option appears in the top right corner on Android phones.


If you are not using the phone or using the mic, and yet a green dot or small mic icon appears in the top right corner, it simply means that someone is listening to you. He can listen to your secret calls and conversations.

Other signs of hacking:

This is not the only sign to check for smartphone hacking. Apart from this, there are many signs which can provide information about hacking. In such a situation, quick draining of the smartphone’s battery is also a sign of hacking, because during hacking there is excessive load on the battery. Down mobile performance or low mobile speed is also a sign of hacking. If there is intermittent beeping or sound of any other electronic machine during a phone call, then hacking can be detected.


How to avoid hacking?

To protect yourself from hacking, you should remove spying applications from the phone. Spying applications often work covertly. You can check the permission of mic or camera by going to the settings of the mobile. If an application accesses unnecessary permissions, uninstall it immediately.

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