Today is the birthday of India Lenin Babu Jagdev Prasad ji, he worked to give a new direction to the country: Tapendra Prasad Shakya (Founder Samyak Swaraj Party)

Today, February 2, is a very important day for the politics of India. On this day, the messiah of exploited politics, who dreamed of setting up a national level party organization of the exploited society in this country and worked for the exploited people to fulfill that dream. It is the birthday of Bharat Lenin Babu Jagdev Prasad ji, who founded the Samaj Dal.
Babu Jagdev Prasad was a powerful orator, a sharp thinker and a very skilled organizer. He founded the Shoshit Dal in 1967 and despite himself being from the Koeri community, he made B P Mandal ji of the Yadav community the national president of the party. The objective was that the exploited An all-inclusive national level party should be formed with all the castes of the society. Later, by merging the Shoshit Dal with the Samaj Dal of Mahamana Ram Swaroop Verma ji of the Kurmi community, he formed the Shoshit Samaj Dal in 1972 and this party He made Ram Swaroop Burma ji of Kurmi community from the land of Uttar Pradesh the national president of the party. He had announced from the land of Varanasi in the national convention of the merger of both the parties that today the two parties of Patna and Lucknow will merge together to form one national party. We are laying the foundation of a party which will emerge as a national party after a long struggle and will establish the exploited society not only in the power of the states but also in the power of the Centre.

Unfortunately, he was brutally murdered by the government in 1974, due to which his dream of building a national party remained unfulfilled and later the Exploited Samaj Party could not emerge at the national level and due to various reasons the party could not develop. And Babu Jagdev Prasad’s dream remained unfulfilled.

“He who has power, has his culture, he has his society, and he who has society, he has power, and he who has power, he has development.”.
India Lenin Amar Shaheed Babu Jagdev Prasad
The primary condition for capturing power is to remove the bakait and dacoit culture and establish the cultural and social unity and values ​​of egalitarian Khatiya i.e. cultivators and artisans-laborers.
That is why the fight for social and cultural change along with political unity in the country is the main and biggest thing. Unless the ground is ready, it is meaningless to get the fruits of power.

Any political organization that is a supporter of the laboring, artisanal, laboring and agricultural society and wants to quickly reach power or participate in power by denying social and cultural change or will sound the trumpet of socio-cultural change without democratic political unity, then it will repeatedly- Bar will fail. Even if we get power through a fluke and a gamble, it will neither last long nor be a means of changing the system.

After the assassination of Babu Jagdev Prasad, a huge void was created in the exploited politics and no personality like him who was revolutionary, militant, dedicated to the exploited politics and honest and supportive of democratic politics has been born till date.
Exploited politics is waiting for a personality supporting all-inclusive democratic politics like Babu Jagdev Prasad. Right now, no one is visible even far and wide.

Babu Jagdev Prasad ji’s dream was to form a national level democratic party of the exploited society. Through this national level democratic party, 90 percent people of the exploited society were to get participation in wealth, land and government. After his assassination, the exploited society got engaged in individualistic family based casteist politics and in this society there were big Qutub Minar like messiahs and representatives of every caste society. New political feudal personalities and their feudal families started emerging, claiming to be lions and leopards. Thousands of parties were formed. Talks about the democratic party have ended and no one even wants to discuss in this direction and the result is in front. Everything is ruined. Are happening.

All of us people of the exploited society should understand very well that a national level party can never be formed from one caste, one person and one person’s family. Instead of individual based politics, we should have a group based organization based democratic culture and culture based party. Only then Babu Jagdev Prasad’s dream will be fulfilled. To fulfill this dream, Samyak Party is working rapidly and will fulfill Babu Jagdev Prasad’s dream of forming a national party.

Today the problems are endless, we are crying about the problems and analyzing the problems in detail, but by crying about the problems, doing their post-mortem can generate understanding of the problems but the solution to the problem can be found by forming a national level party and establishing it in power at the Centre. This will be possible only if the exploited society develops a political party with the resolve to make all the castes its leaders, then its power will automatically be established in the states. Today, on this auspicious festival, we pay our respects to Babu Jagdev Prasad ji. Many congratulations and best wishes to all the countrymen

Author:Tapendra Prasad Shakya (Founder Samyak Swaraj Party)

Tapendra Prasad Shakya is a former IAS, former minister of Uttar Pradesh government and founder of Samyak Swaraj Party.

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