Does reciting Mahabharata at home increases the increase of inauspicious events, know the religious belief…..

In Hindu religion, Mahabharata is considered to be the fifth Veda but still we hear from our elders that Mahabharata should not be kept at home nor should it be recited at home. It is said that reciting it at home increases fights. In such a situation, this question might be coming in your mind that why is it considered inauspicious to keep this book which teaches the lessons of religion, dignity and virtue in the house? Let us know in detail the belief behind this. Nowadays everyone watches Mahabharata on TV or mobile.

Mahabharata is considered a sacred text of Hindu religion. It is said that keeping Mahabharata at home or reciting it leads to fighting in life, greed, and enmity at home. Also, there is a popular belief that keeping any item related to Mahabharata in the house increases the chances of inauspicious events. Is reciting Mahabharata inauspicious?

According to Hindu religion, keeping and reciting scriptures like Ramayana, Geeta etc. in the house is considered auspicious, but regarding Mahabharata, it is said that keeping or reading it in the house brings inauspiciousness and negativity in the house. There is a belief that keeping or reading Mahabharata can cause discord in the house and incidents like arguments among family members increase.

According to astrology, Mahabharata is recited in an empty place. It is also believed that one page should always be left before completing its lesson. The reasons behind these beliefs are some incidents like in Mahabharata, one brother becomes the enemy of another brother for the throne and tries to take his life. In such a situation, there are some beliefs that such a situation can arise even if it is recited at home. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping Mahabharata or any religious scripture is not a bad omen or inauspicious.

However, instead of reciting it at home, it is more appropriate to do it in a temple or in an open place. That is why Mahabharata is recited at home. There is a lot of difference between the battle of Manaramayana and Mahabharata. In Ramayana, war has been depicted on the strength of truth. Whereas in Mahabharata, war was fought with deceit. In the war of Ramayana, Lord Ram had fought against the demons and in the Mahabharata, one brother had fought against another brother out of greed for the throne. In such a situation, if it is recited at home, the feeling of dispute or greed may increase among the brothers. On the basis of this popular belief, the Mahabharata book is not kept in the house.

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