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A shocking incident has come to light in America. Here a woman created a ruckus in the Frontier Airlines flight. The woman first removed her pants and the angry woman also misbehaved with the passengers. To make matters worse, the woman also threatened to kill the crew members and passengers on board the moving flight. This incident is said to be recent. A passenger captured this entire incident in his camera and later uploaded it on Facebook. So this incident went very viral. This was also taken very seriously. People liked this woman’s behavior very much.

The complaint was lodged on January 29

According to information received, a complaint was filed in a Pennsylvania court on January 29, stating that 60-year-old Dulce Huertas had boarded a Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to Philadelphia on November 20. Meanwhile he drank two cocktails. As the plane was about to land, she got up from her seat and went to the washroom. On this the flight attendant asked her to sit on her seat, but the woman did not like this and an argument started between the two.

Woman misbehaves with flight attendant

It is being told that the woman misbehaved with the flight attendant and then went back to her seat. After the plane landed, the woman started misbehaving with the passengers, after which the flight attendant informed the captain. The Captain informed the security personnel about this.

The woman took off her clothes in anger

The woman started pushing passengers out of her way to reach the toilet. However, the flight attendant and others stopped him. On this the woman started taking off her clothes. Not only this, she started behaving even more wildly. The woman did not stop and sat in the corridor and later stood up and protested.

He threatened to kill the passengers

After this the woman started walking towards the door and said to the passengers – Let me go ahead. When the crew members tried to stop him, he started abusing. He also threatened to kill the passengers. At present a case is going on in the court against the woman.

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