Rahu will spoil the minds of people of these three zodiac signs, stay alert till this month…

In Indian astrology, Rahu and Ketu are considered negative planets. According to the Hindu calendar, in the year 2024, Rahu will be situated in Pisces. According to Pandit Prabhu Dayal Dixit, the Mahadasha of Rahu continues for 18 years on a person of any zodiac sign. In such a situation, people of these zodiac signs need to remain alert due to the influence of Rahu till December 2024.

Effect on Virgo

In the year 2024, people of Virgo zodiac sign need to be very careful. Virgo people will need to be careful during work. During this period, people of Virgo zodiac sign may face problems in love relationships. There may be tension in marital life also.

Effect on Sagittarius

Rahu has transited in the fourth house of Sagittarius. In such a situation, Sagittarius people will have to be cautious about their health. There may be a reduction in the luxuries of people with this zodiac sign. Financial burden may also increase. There may be tension in family life. Control your speech and try to solve any problem through conversation.

Impact on Aquarius

Expenses may increase due to the influence of Rahu for Aquarius people. The year 2024 may be full of troubles for you. In the year 2024, Aquarius people will have to be careful while travelling. If you are planning to invest, then take any step after taking advice from an expert.

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